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Priscilla Bacon

Psychotherapist for Children & Young People    |     Parenting Coach for Families     |     Wellbeing Advisor & Co-ordinator     |     Mental Health Trainer

I'm Priscilla, based in West London where I love helping children live emotionally healthy lives within families where there is a lot of fun and as little stress as possible!

In order to support children in the best way possible I work with:-

  • psychotherapy for children and young people
  • parents
  • families
  • schools
  • therapists - helping them to work with parents and families
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I work as an Integrative Psychotherapist which means I use different psychological theories as well as neuroscience to help me support young people from 3 - 17 years old.

Young people often use art materials and play as useful ways to explore thoughts and feelings without having to use words.

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What is Psychotherapy... ?

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I work as a Parenting Coach by combining my knowledge and experience as a Psychotherapist with my training and work with Noel Janis-Norton of "Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting".

I always think about the emotional wellbeing of children and hope to help them feel supported and nourished however I also want to help parents have less stress too!

Skills and strategies that help families to develop routines and ways of communicatingmean they can have a smooth running family life with lots of fun!

Why work with a Parent Coach...?


I train teachers and school staff so they can understand how children's behaviour is directly linked to their psychological experiences.

Using recent developments in neuroscience as well as psychological theories, schools can ensure that mental health and wellbeing are top of their agenda which in turn helps children to be able to learn well and be happy!

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Some Reasons for Therapy:



Lack of self-esteem / confidence

Peer & Family Relationships

Separation Anxiety

Sleep Problems

Behavioural disorders

Fears and Phobias

Depression / Anxiety

Difficult life situations

Difficulties with social relationships

Anger/   Sadness

Areas for Parents:

Morning Routines


Grief and Loss


Behaviour Issues

Fear Issues

Playing Independently

Anger and Tantrums

Bedtime Routines

Sibling Rivalry

Food and mealtime difficulties

Separation and Divorce

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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a way of exploring conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings that may be getting in the way of living life healthily and happily.

Therapy givesa young person the opportunity to understand and process these emotions which can help them feel less overwhelmed and troubled.

This in turn can lead to more comfortable relationships, a fulfilling school life and increased confidence and self esteem.

Why work with a Parent Coach?

Parents tell me they struggle with:-

  • Stressful times of the day or week
  • Shouting and tantrums
  • Children not doing what they are asked to do
  • Lack of fun and laughter

Learning new ways of communicating firmly and warmly parents can create a family life that involves lots of fun and laughter as well as children with resilience and self-confidence!

I trained with Noel Janis-Norton of Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting and I use her skills as a basis for my work with parents

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I work with therapists so they can feel confident working with parents.

Sometimes this is helping them to help parents to support their children emotionally and sometimes it is helping parents to create strategies for behaviour and communication at home

Therapists can often feel that their work with young people could be deeper if parents were helped to understand some psychology and some parenting information and my course helps therapists in this work


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From Kew

‘Priscilla helps me understand how to approach the most difficult issues and gives me the tools I need to navigate them. Her support for us all has been life changing for our family’.

Mr & Mrs H

From Brent

'Priscilla has helped us navigate some really tough times for our boy. Thanks to her expertise, her help and unwavering support we are now better equipped to face the challenges of parenting. Our family is calmer and and happier. She was always there to offer support, always went the extra mile with advice and a helping hand.'


From Hampton

'We found Priscilla from the outset to be completely in tune with our challenges and provided a path for us to navigate over the weeks and months which was super supportive. We learnt to really understand and empathise with our child's feelings and has really improved our relationship with him and his sibling. Our home is so much calmer!'

Ms B

From Fulham

'Priscilla helped us understand the impact that a separation can have on a young child and how we, as parents, can both discuss this with our child so we remain consistently firm but kind and open. It was an invaluable time spent with Priscilla that has supported all of us in our new lives.'

Mr & Mrs P

From Fulham

'We have loved working with Priscilla. Initially we saw her for Parent Coaching - we learned so much, became so much more aware and she gave us some amazing tips which we put into practice at home and saw really positive change for all the family. Priscilla is now seeing our son who is growing so much in confidence and loves his sessions. She has been fantastic throughout and a huge support to us all!'

Professional and Legal Information

Professional Member of:

        UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy)

        BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

Calmer Parenting Practitioner


I.A.T.E(The Institute for Art in Therapy and Education)

        MA in Integrative Child Psychotherapy

        Advanced Diploma in the Therapeutic Application of the Arts

Senior Mentor

        Watch and Wonder Emotional Wellbeing Programme


Regularly Training in the latest psychotherapy theories

How much does it cost?

Please feel free to contact me about costs - it is really important that your psychotherapy sessions and parenting coach sessions are bespoke to your particular child and family.

Please feel free to email me


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